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For the last 11+ years, Mission Residency’s singular focus has been helping IMG’s Match.  Our experience has allowed us to develop training that goes BEYOND simply preparing you for interviews.  We’ve developed courses that DO train doctors more thoroughly for interviews than any other program, but also help our doctors grow in their communication skills in the hospital AND in their everyday interactions living in the United States.

Our classes are intentionally kept small to allow for personal attention.  We believe in DEVELOPING & GROWING our doctors on a PERSONAL Level.  Unlike other programs that never really get to know you or limit their offerings to mock interviews, as part of the Mission Residency family, you are never just an AAMC number.

Below you’ll see a comparison chart of courses available for the coming season, outlining the key features of each class.  ALL of our training is SEASON-LONG, meaning that you work with your mentor from Day 1 of training, all the way through to your final interview (and for some courses, BEYOND…as they do include fellowship assistance).  If you’re curious about how other programs’ compare, click HERE.

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