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Our only mission is to make sure that you can answer the questions that you’ve been losing sleep over (no, not USMLE questions). Questions like: Am I going to Match? Should I give up?  What the F*&K am I doing here in the US?

Mission Residency isn’t run or owned by a huge corporation like some other programs.  We’re proud to be a small family-owned  operation that believes in quality over quantity when it comes to helping our students.  At the end of the day, we know if our Mission Family takes care of you, it means you’ll be able to start a life in the US that helps you take care of YOUR family.   


We’ve built an extensive alumni-network over the last 10 years, with docs matching in a wide-array of specialties across the United States. 

We’ve matched docs in Internal medicine, pediatrics, family medicine, neurology, psychiatry, radiology, general surgery, anesthesiology, physical medicine & rehab (PM&R), OB-GYN, combine specialty (like IM-Peds) . . .  

According to NRMP, the average Match Rate for IMG’s is around 50%.   Mission Alumni that have completed the entire course training & received at least 1 interview have averaged between 86-93% Match Rate year after year.  

On top of that, the overwhelming majority of our students will match at their #1 Choice Ranked Program.  

With limited slots for training during our earlier 360-Level Teams, we ask interested docs to apply for admission.  Why?  To assess which docs REALLY need the communication training AND have red-flags that put them at risk for not Matching.  That’s right, we’ll choose a low score over a high score candidate. Why?  Anyone can help a doc with 260s on their USMLE Match.  We specialize in helping IMG’s that don’t have perfect applications successfully Match.

Experienced Guidance

We’ve assembled an ‘All-Star’ team of leaders to help guide you to residency.   Among the guidelines for selection, we handpicked doctors that met most, if not all, the following criteria:

1) Experience at a Leadership position in medical education, at the level of Director, Faculty, Fellow and/or Chief Resident

2) Completed the full Mission:Residency Training & excel in interview skill/competency

3) Matched at First Choice Specialty (not backup)

4) Displayed interview skills that helped Match at top tier program/choice, despite having red flags

Dr Rakesh Ahuja, Director: Research Mentorship

Dr Rakesh Ahuja, Director: Research Mentorship

Ped Interventional Radiology Fellow, Harvard University - Boston Children's Hospital
Dr Jasleen Minhas, Director: Alumni Development

Dr Jasleen Minhas, Director: Alumni Development

FKA Medicine Chief Resident, Northshore-Salem
Dr Suneela Reddy, Volunteer Advisor: Psych Mentorship

Dr Suneela Reddy, Volunteer Advisor: Psych Mentorship

Fellow, Child/Adolescent Psych, Cleveland Clinic OH
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