360Elite Mentorship

Everything we’ve got . . .
to help you get everything you’ve dreamed of.

Your journey has been about sacrifice, not just for you, but also for your family. If you’re planning to apply for residency in September, you’ve accomplished so much. Most candidates don’t realize until it’s too late that the last leg of this marathon is also the one they’ve been least prepared for . . .
Mission:360 Docs are NOT ‘most candidates’. If you’re like them, you know that you’re MORE than just a USMLE Score. You’ve got room to grow . . . and not a lot of time to ‘guess’ how to do it.

If that describes you, then “Mission:360” was custom tailored FOR YOU! Throughout this journey, you’ll have access to material in your online MAPS that will coincide your LIVE session learning, by both complementing & supplementing what Dr B teaching you live.

As an added bonus, Dr Brian can track your progress, allowing him to modify his guidance based on your own specific needs as a student.

For a quick GUIDE to understand the Key Components of each Mission, Click Here:

Live Foundation

Live Mock IV

Rx Replay