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Reviews: Pros & Cons

Mission Residency Training is NOT for everyone. To make it easier for you to find out why you should (Or Should NOT) train with us, you’ll find review posts on FB. We’ve also shared the NEGATIVE posts collected from various online forums on the Facebook Review Page:


Is it worth it? 

IV Prep: Explained

Wondering how so many of our doctors successfully Match? This 2-minute explainer walks you through the highlights of our season-long training!


Training Length:



Installment Plans!

Ready to INVEST in your Match Success?  To make things easier for you, for a limited time we’ll be extending a special ‘Installment Plan’ to docs reserving for the 2019-20 Season!


Offer Expires:


Dec 31, 2018


360+ (Match Mentorship)

This course takes all the best parts of ALL of our course options: Year-Long Personalized Mentorship PLUS our Match/IV Prep Essentials Training.

Match/IV Prep Complete

When you hear our alumni talking about their IV Prep Training leading to their successful Match, THIS is the course they are talking about. Centered around our Foundation Course.

1-on-1 Private Mentoring

This course option is mainly designed to serve two types of students: 1) Docs with last minute interviews that need emergency training 2) A student that wishes to supplement their IV Prep Complete Training


Dr B serves as our primary lecturer for all doctors training with Mission:Residency.  As our featured lecturing teaching our Match IV Prep Courses, he will be your main advisor & mentor throughout the application season during live practices, mock interviews, and Pre-Interview CheckUps (and Personal Statement Building/Assistance for the ‘360’ ).

Based in the NY Tri-State area, Dr Brian has over 10+ years in medical education and has helped thousands of international medical graduates continue their medical careers in the United States through his work with USMLE & Residency Application/Interviewing. Contact Email: Private  > For Current/Past Students Only