How to Beat Candidates with Stronger Stats - and Match - even if you have Red Flags

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Who We are?

Our only mission is to make sure that you can answer the questions that you’ve been losing sleep over (no, not USMLE questions). Questions like: Am I going to Match? Should I give up? What the F*&K am I doing here in the US? Mission Residency isn’t run or owned by a huge corporation like some other programs. We’re proud to be a small family-owned operation that believes in quality over quantity when it comes to helping our students. At the end of the day, we know if our Mission Family takes care of you, it means you’ll be able to start a life in the US that helps you take care of YOUR family.

What our students say?

What We do?

For the last 11+ years, Mission Residency’s singular focus has been helping IMG’s Match.  Our experience has allowed us to develop training that goes BEYOND simply preparing you for interviews.  We’ve developed courses that DO train doctors more thoroughly for interviews than any other program, but also help our doctors grow in their communication skills in the hospital AND in their everyday interactions living in the United States.

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