360 Advanced (June Start)

Newly Added! : IV/Match Prep Complete (June Start)

This course is the backbone for Mission Residency’s success & the reason why year after year, our Match Success rate has consistently been in the 86-92% range year after year.  It begins with the Foundation IV Prep LIVE Seminar, with training/guidance, mock interviews, pre-interview checkups, and follow-ups all the way until Match Day.

Highlights of what this session includes:

Unlimited Match Training

Live Foundation Classes (5-Days) for Interview & Communication Skills

Live Mock Interviews & Analysis

Access to On-Demand Replays of your Mock Interviews & Evaluations

Pre-Interview Checkups for EVERY SINGLE ONE of your interviews

Match Guarantee – Match the First Year Under our Training, or you’re next season training is free 

Future Fellowship Interview Prep – Your Enrollment Covers future mock interviews for Fellowships

INCLUDES Full 1-on-1 Day with Dr Brian, In-Person (NJ) or Online

Investment/Tuition: $4499

You Match in your First Season…and if you don’t get interviews or have to apply again, we’ll cover your tuition for you for next season!

Installment Plans Available? Yes!

Live Mock IV’sLive Mock IV’s

Live Mock IV’s LivDY

I don't think I need the course because I know a lot of residents and physicians who can help me with interview practice because they are "experienced".
This is exactly what I thought when I was applying for the match, and then I realized, the "experienced" people can only help you with what worked out for them in one shot. Dr B knows exactly what happened at the interviews with each of his students, basically lives through the whole interview day so he exactly knows where a personality like me is prone to make mistakes and we figure out how we can avoid making the same mistakes.

I hope my review helps future students, I cannot predict my future, but I definitely feel more way more confident this year and I know for sure it would work out for me.

Dr Sara Habib
Neurology, University Of Oklahoma
Dr Suzie Tan
Maricopa Hospital