OPTION 1: Mission 6-Month Installment Plan: Resume Account

For docs on the 6-month plan ($583/month).  Continues the remaining 3 installments.  The Dec 2019 Installment you canceled on Paypal is now spread out between the final 3 installments.

The following is the Breakdown for the Revised Monthly Total (3 installments left):

~ Monthly ($3499 divided by 6): $583

~ Finance/Installment Fee ($200 divided by 3): $66

~ Last Nov/Dec Payment, Cancelled on Paypal ($583 divided by 3): $194

(The Original $200 installment convenience fee, scheduled to be added to the FINAL installment, will be spread out among your final 4 installments.  If you’d prefer to have it be added as planned to the final installment only, please message Kate via FB).

SPECIAL OFFER NOTE:  The $200 Fee can be waived if you choose to complete your remaining balance in full now.  Again, please let Kate know if you’d prefer this option.


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