How big are the classes?

Our ideal target size for each session is anywhere between 10-15 doctors.  We’ve found that this, ‘Sweet Spot’ allows for just enough diversity to give the group flavor, but small enough that Dr Brian can deliver the personalized attention that is necessary for a course like this. 

If you teach the same strategy to all the students, aren’t we all going to give the same answers???

The Methodology behind IV Prep w/Dr Brian is based on the fact that each doctor is a human being with a unique set of life experiences that affect his/her answers, so if done right, no two answers should ever be the same.  Our job is to show you how to find those answers that are already inside you and teach you how to deliver it in a way that demonstrates who you are as a potential resident.

An interesting fact about this past Match that could help prove the point:  we had 4 alumni Match at the same program in Michigan, 2 alumni at an IM program in Arizona, and 2 in Connecticut.  Why would those programs take multiple IV Prep Alumni?  Is it because a) their answers were exactly the same or  b) because their answers were unique enough to help them stand apart and above the other candidates?