Is it frowned upon by programs to prepare for an IV with a course like this?

The first thing we should make perfectly clear is that we will never, ever even remotely suggest that doctors give answers that are dishonest and certainly will never spoon feed answers for them to regurgitate during an interview.  We teach our doctors strategies & techniques that allow them to deliver a 100% Genuine, meaningful answer for ANY question that are truly their own.  Our course has become necessary for one main, ironic reason: as medical students, we were always taught how to DO the job of medicine, but for some reason no one really teaches docs how to GET the job.

In addition to learning how to attack the most popular interview questions like, ‘Why this specialty?”, “Why this program’, and ‘What’s your Greatest Weakness’ (to name a few), our doctors learn critical lessons in proper structure & organization, speaking skills, question recognition, and physical interviewing skills.  While that may sound like a mouthful, perfecting all these techniques will lead to the most natural, honest, and memorable answers that tell the PD who you were, who you are, and who you strive to be.  If you were a PD, and a candidate gave you an answer like that, would that be ok with you?

In fact, many of our students over the years have ended up in our classes because a PD or an attending at a program they were doing a US Clinical Rotation in recommended us.