Is it worth the cost?

Applying to the Match can costs thousands of dollars.  Between the costs of submitting applications and interview related travel expenses, it’s not unusual for candidates to spend anywhere between $2000-3000. 
If you are one of the almost 50% that DO NOT MATCH, if you decide to attempt the Match again the following year, the amount you’d spend to reapply would be far greater than the cost the IV Prep Seminar.  Our doctors that Matched this year not only will NOT have to spend on re-applying, but will also be earning a $50-60k Salary as a practicing resident.

For those docs that have super-strong resumes that already confident they are going to Match, the interview performance can mean the difference between STRONG 1st Choice Program in a wonderful city or a Weaker Low Ranked Program in a not-so-wonderful city. 

We are also the only program of its kind that has built a NETWORK of Alumni across the country that Dr B and his current students can rely on for genuine help & support.


  • ACTUAL Cost Per Hour of LIVE Training
  • TOTAL Hours of LIVE Guidance w/ SAME MENTOR
  • LIVE Training Classes related to Interviews
  • Private Strategy Session to discuss CV & Gameplan
  • Hours for Full 1-on-1 In-Person Training Day
  • Hours of Live Guided Practice w/Mentor & Classmates
  • # Of Mock Interviews Included
  • Access to Replays of Your Practices & Advising for Review
  • Mentor's Main Daily Focus
  • Future Fellowship Prep
  • Weekly Pre-Interview Checkups
  • 1-on-1 FULL Day IN-PERSON OR Online with Main Lecturer/Mentor
  • PS & CV Review & Cleanup Editing
  • Match Guarantee
Mission Residency
  • 360 Advanced*Match Challenge, Save $1000 (on Elite...see Menu for details)
  • $36 per Hour
  • 125+ Hours
  • 50+ Hours
  • 3 Hours initial, w/ meetings when needed/requested (no time limit)
  • 8+ Hours
  • 8 Hours/Month (June-Jan=8 months): 64 Hours
  • Unlimited. No Cap.
  • The Match, Full-Time
  • FULL Access to material and live guidance+Mock interviews with DrBrian: NO Additional payment required.
Mission Residency
  • IV Prep Complete*Match Challenge, Save $500
  • $33 per Hour
  • 91+ Hours
  • 50+ Hours
  • 1 Hour
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • 8 Hours/Month (Sept-Jan: 5 months): 40 Hours
  • Unlimited. No Cap.
USMLE Sarthi
  • 'Platinum'
  • $40 per Hour
  • 64+ Hours
  • 50+ Hours
  • 1 hr initial, +30 minutes w/ Pawan Khera as needed
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • 1 Hour/Month (June-Jan = 8 hrs): 8 Hours, no classmates
  • 4 Mock Interviews
  • Part-Time
  • Yes & No: The "Sarthi Guarantee" allow student to continue using resources (videos, material) & talk to Pawan, BUT requires ADDITIONAL PAYMENT for Mock Interview...mentorship is no longer 1hr a month, but on a 'AS NEEDED' Basis.
  • 'Residency Interview Plus'
  • $700 per Hour
  • 3 Hours
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • Not Specified on Website
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • 3 Mock Interviews
  • Residency Interview Preparation'
  • $799 per Hour
  • 1 Hour
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • Not Specified on Website
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • 1 Mock Interview