Prepare your Gear: HIGHLY Recommended/Must-Have Items for the Season

  • Wireless Mic Headset: While any quality earphone/mic combo should work, the key features to make sure it has: Wireless (pref Bluetooth), headphones that cover your ears/noise cancellation & there is a mic boom that goes near your mouth (see photo below).  We DO NOT recommend Apple WIRED or BLUETOOTH earphones at this time.  Logitech’s H600 & H800 models have served our docs well in the past AND Dr Brian is familiar with troubleshooting in case you have any tech issues.
  • Quality 1080p or better Webcam: A major part of your training involves Dr Brian & your team being able to help evaluate your body language.  While Built-in laptop webcams can do an ‘ok’ job, your best bet is to invest in a quality USB webcam that allows for a wider view.  We recommend the webcam Dr B uses as his backup webcam, the Logitech C920/930.