When should I sit for my course? Maybe I should wait until I get closer to my IV?

This is the question we get asked the most. 

The sooner, the better.   Yes, our doctors in the past that have taken the course even 1 week before their first interview have always been better interviewers than the majority of the candidates they competed against.  But our doctors that have been practicing for 3 months, in the interview, are unbeatable.  

The key to a strong interview is to look & sound natural and to do that, its best not to be actively over-thinking your techniques.   Everything you learn in the initial 5-Day course is taught so that it stays with you . . . and the practices/mock interviews that follow help you re-enforce & perfect your skills.  Our alumni have continued to use it years down the road when they’re applying for Fellowships and other advanced job opportunities and email us messages like, “Dr B! I used what you taught me and successfully got my fellowship”.