Cancellation & Refund Policy

“No Questions Asked” Cancellation and Refund policy

Our #1 goal is to make sure is your Match.  You’ve come to us to help you answer questions that will get you Matched.  If for whatever reason, you decide not to Match with Mission Residency, that’s ok!  You’re entitled to a full, NO QUESTIONS ASKED refund, provided that:

  • you have requested it within the 30 days of your enrollment date
  • you are not within 30 days of your course’s Orientation Day.  This is to allow for another student on the waitlist enough time to fill your open seat.
  • you have not sat for your advising session (if included in your course)

*Note, for installment plans, the first installment is non-refundable.

How to request a refund

To request a refund or cancellation, contact us at with your personal email address, the email address of the credit card account holder, and order number.

When and how we issue refunds

Upon determining that a cancellation or refund is due to you under these Terms, we will issue such refund to your original method of payment.  Please allow 10-15 business days for the refund to be processed back to your credit card.

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