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Common FAQs

In the very rare occasion a doc decides to cancel, we have a NO QUESTIONS ASKED return policy. 

You will be issued a FULL REFUND, provided that you meet the following criteria.

Request for cancellation for a full refund must be requested via email (info@missionresidency.com) WITHIN 30 days of your enrollment, as long it is NOT 30 days before your official class start date and you have not attended/watched any  advising/5-Day/practice sessions/Rx Replay.  There are no cancellations/refunds allowed within 30 days of your originally scheduled class start.  This is to ensure enough time for your seat can be filled by another student.

After that, you may request to switch into ANOTHER equivalent session at a earlier/later date, as long as a seat is available.

Request MUST be made by the Paypal account holder or credit card holder that made the original payment.  

IMPORTANT, Installment Plans: If you paid via installment plans, your first installment is NON-Refundable.

Refund processing can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks, depending on the speed of your bank/credit card company.

Request for cancellation for a full refund must be requested via email (info@missionresidency.com).

If you got an Interview outright, that means that a program is considering you despite the Red Flags.   They wouldn’t have wasted a valuable Interview Slot if they knew you had a 0% chance.  When you get an interview with a weaker application, all the program wants you to do is PROPERLY explain those Red Flags they are, ‘concerned’ about in a way that allows them to no longer be concerned.  When dealing with Red Flags, they want honest answers, NOT BS Excuses.  In most cases, our strategy allows you to actually GAIN points when you address your Red Flags.

Proof?  During our the 2019 Match, here are just a few of the many docs that matched with us with Red Flags: 

Anesthesiology: Step 1- 213, 2ck- 243 (MATCHED)

Phys Med & Rehab: Step 1- 213, 2ck – 220, Yr of Grad: 2009 (MATCHED, 1st Choice)

General Surgery: Step 1- 223, 2CK – 223 (MATCHED)

Psychiatry: Step 1- 213, 2ck- 214, Yr of Grad: 2002 (MATCHED)

Internal Med: Step 1- 219, 2ck – 220, 2 attempts Step 3, Yr of Grad: 2004 (MATCHED)

Pediatrics: Step 1- 202, 2ck 212, Yr of Grad 2012 (MATCHED)

Neurology: Step 1- 212, 2ck- 217, Yr of Grad 2013 (MATCHED, 1st Choice)

Pediatrics: Step 1- 213, 2ck- 222 (MATCHED, 1st Choice)

Psychiatry: Step 1- 214, 2ck – 243 (Accepted PREMATCH)

Family Medicine : Step 1- 191, 2ck – 227 (MATCHED)

Internal Med: Step 1 – 227, 2ck – 226, Yr of Grad 2014 (MATCHED, 1 INTERVIEW)

Internal Med: Step 1 – 220, 2ck – 221, Yr of Grad 2011 (MATCHED, 1 Interivew)

Psychiatry: Step 1- 198 (3rd Attempt), 2ck – 210 (Secured open slot in June 2018)

I have high USMLE Scores and a strong CV, can IV Prep help me?

It is without question that USMLE scores are a MAJOR part of your application.  As mentioned above, if you feel like you’re strong enough to Match, the biggest risk you’ll have if you do Match is how high on your ROL will you Match?  The fact is 68.75% of our 2013 IV Prep Alumni into their #1 Choice, with the majority of the remaining alums going no lower than their 3rd choice. 

And so yeah, our alumni that matched into his #1 Choice, Johns Hopkins University/Sinai could have easily ended up at, wait, what’s the name of that program he ranked number 15?  And he’ll be the first person to tell you that.

Our ideal target size for each session is anywhere between 10-15 doctors.  We’ve found that this, ‘Sweet Spot’ allows for just enough diversity to give the group flavor, but small enough that Dr Brian can deliver the personalized attention that is necessary for a course like this. 

If you teach the same strategy to all the students, aren’t we all going to give the same answers???

The Methodology behind IV Prep w/Dr Brian is based on the fact that each doctor is a human being with a unique set of life experiences that affect his/her answers, so if done right, no two answers should ever be the same.  Our job is to show you how to find those answers that are already inside you and teach you how to deliver it in a way that demonstrates who you are as a potential resident.

An interesting fact about this past Match that could help prove the point:  we had 4 alumni Match at the same program in Michigan, 2 alumni at an IM program in Arizona, and 2 in Connecticut.  Why would those programs take multiple IV Prep Alumni?  Is it because a) their answers were exactly the same or  b) because their answers were unique enough to help them stand apart and above the other candidates? 

Applying to the Match can costs thousands of dollars.  Between the costs of submitting applications and interview related travel expenses, it’s not unusual for candidates to spend anywhere between $2000-3000. 
If you are one of the almost 50% that DO NOT MATCH, if you decide to attempt the Match again the following year, the amount you’d spend to reapply would be far greater than the cost the IV Prep Seminar.  Our doctors that Matched this year not only will NOT have to spend on re-applying, but will also be earning a $50-60k Salary as a practicing resident.

For those docs that have super-strong resumes that already confident they are going to Match, the interview performance can mean the difference between STRONG 1st Choice Program in a wonderful city or a Weaker Low Ranked Program in a not-so-wonderful city. 

We are also the only program of its kind that has built a NETWORK of Alumni across the country that Dr B and his current students can rely on for genuine help & support.


  • ACTUAL Cost Per Hour of LIVE Training
  • TOTAL Hours of LIVE Guidance w/ SAME MENTOR
  • LIVE Training Classes related to Interviews
  • Private Strategy Session to discuss CV & Gameplan
  • Hours for Full 1-on-1 In-Person Training Day
  • Hours of Live Guided Practice w/Mentor & Classmates
  • # Of Mock Interviews Included
  • Access to Replays of Your Practices & Advising for Review
  • Mentor's Main Daily Focus
  • Future Fellowship Prep
  • Weekly Pre-Interview Checkups
  • 1-on-1 FULL Day IN-PERSON OR Online with Main Lecturer/Mentor
  • PS & CV Review & Cleanup Editing
  • Match Guarantee
Mission Residency
  • 360 Advanced*Match Challenge, Save $1000 (on Elite...see Menu for details)
  • $36 per Hour
  • 125+ Hours
  • 50+ Hours
  • 3 Hours initial, w/ meetings when needed/requested (no time limit)
  • 8+ Hours
  • 8 Hours/Month (June-Jan=8 months): 64 Hours
  • Unlimited. No Cap.
  • The Match, Full-Time
  • FULL Access to material and live guidance+Mock interviews with DrBrian: NO Additional payment required.
Mission Residency
  • IV Prep Complete*Match Challenge, Save $500
  • $33 per Hour
  • 91+ Hours
  • 50+ Hours
  • 1 Hour
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • 8 Hours/Month (Sept-Jan: 5 months): 40 Hours
  • Unlimited. No Cap.
USMLE Sarthi
  • 'Platinum'
  • $40 per Hour
  • 64+ Hours
  • 50+ Hours
  • 1 hr initial, +30 minutes w/ Pawan Khera as needed
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • 1 Hour/Month (June-Jan = 8 hrs): 8 Hours, no classmates
  • 4 Mock Interviews
  • Part-Time
  • Yes & No: The "Sarthi Guarantee" allow student to continue using resources (videos, material) & talk to Pawan, BUT requires ADDITIONAL PAYMENT for Mock Interview...mentorship is no longer 1hr a month, but on a 'AS NEEDED' Basis.
  • 'Residency Interview Plus'
  • $700 per Hour
  • 3 Hours
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • Not Specified on Website
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • 3 Mock Interviews
  • Residency Interview Preparation'
  • $799 per Hour
  • 1 Hour
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • Not Specified on Website
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • 1 Mock Interview

The first thing we should make perfectly clear is that we will never, ever even remotely suggest that doctors give answers that are dishonest and certainly will never spoon feed answers for them to regurgitate during an interview.  We teach our doctors strategies & techniques that allow them to deliver a 100% Genuine, meaningful answer for ANY question that are truly their own.  Our course has become necessary for one main, ironic reason: as medical students, we were always taught how to DO the job of medicine, but for some reason no one really teaches docs how to GET the job.

In addition to learning how to attack the most popular interview questions like, ‘Why this specialty?”, “Why this program’, and ‘What’s your Greatest Weakness’ (to name a few), our doctors learn critical lessons in proper structure & organization, speaking skills, question recognition, and physical interviewing skills.  While that may sound like a mouthful, perfecting all these techniques will lead to the most natural, honest, and memorable answers that tell the PD who you were, who you are, and who you strive to be.  If you were a PD, and a candidate gave you an answer like that, would that be ok with you?

In fact, many of our students over the years have ended up in our classes because a PD or an attending at a program they were doing a US Clinical Rotation in recommended us.

This is the question we get asked the most. 

The sooner, the better.   Yes, our doctors in the past that have taken the course even 1 week before their first interview have always been better interviewers than the majority of the candidates they competed against.  But our doctors that have been practicing for 3 months, in the interview, are unbeatable.  

The key to a strong interview is to look & sound natural and to do that, its best not to be actively over-thinking your techniques.   Everything you learn in the initial 5-Day course is taught so that it stays with you . . . and the practices/mock interviews that follow help you re-enforce & perfect your skills.  Our alumni have continued to use it years down the road when they’re applying for Fellowships and other advanced job opportunities and email us messages like, “Dr B! I used what you taught me and successfully got my fellowship”. 

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