360Advanced Mentorship

360Advanced: Summer Mentorship-Level Membership

Doctors accepted to our 360Advanced  Team benefit from personal mentorship/guidance that has resulted in consistently high Match Rates for our earliest sessions year after year.    As a 360Advanced Member, you’ll work personally with Dr Brian throughout the season to strengthen your CV and your communication skills.  

Highlights of what this session includes:

Unlimited Match Training

Live Foundation Classes (5-Days) for Interview & Communication Skills

2-Hour Initial Personal Advising Session

1-on-1 Private Training Day (8-10 hours), In-Person

Live Mock Interviews & Analysis

Access to On-Demand Replays of your Mock Interviews & Evaluations

Pre-Interview Checkups for EVERY SINGLE ONE of your interviews

Match Guarantee – Match the First Year Under our Training, or you’re next season training is free 

Future Fellowship Interview Prep – Your Enrollment Covers future mock interviews for Fellowships

Online Progress Tracking System (MAP) 

Investment/Tuition: $4499

You Match in your First Season…and if you don’t get interviews or have to apply again, we’ll cover your tuition for you for next season!

Installment Plans Available? Yes!

I don't think I need the course because I know a lot of residents and physicians who can help me with interview practice because they are "experienced".
This is exactly what I thought when I was applying for the match, and then I realized, the "experienced" people can only help you with what worked out for them in one shot. Dr B knows exactly what happened at the interviews with each of his students, basically lives through the whole interview day so he exactly knows where a personality like me is prone to make mistakes and we figure out how we can avoid making the same mistakes.

I hope my review helps future students, I cannot predict my future, but I definitely feel more way more confident this year and I know for sure it would work out for me.

Dr Sara Habib
Neurology, University Of Oklahoma
Dr Suzie Tan
Maricopa Hospital

Who Does More For You?

  • ACTUAL Cost Per Hour of LIVE Training
  • TOTAL Hours of LIVE Guidance w/ SAME MENTOR
  • LIVE Training Classes related to Interviews
  • Private Strategy Session to discuss CV & Gameplan
  • Hours for Full 1-on-1 In-Person Training Day
  • Hours of Live Guided Practice w/Mentor & Classmates
  • # Of Mock Interviews Included
  • Access to Replays of Your Practices & Advising for Review
  • Mentor's Main Daily Focus
  • Future Fellowship Prep
  • Weekly Pre-Interview Checkups
  • 1-on-1 FULL Day IN-PERSON OR Online with Main Lecturer/Mentor
  • PS & CV Review & Cleanup Editing
  • Match Guarantee
Mission Residency
  • 360 Advanced*Match Challenge, Save $1000 (on Elite...see Menu for details)
  • $36 per Hour
  • 125+ Hours
  • 50+ Hours
  • 3 Hours initial, w/ meetings when needed/requested (no time limit)
  • 8+ Hours
  • 8 Hours/Month (June-Jan=8 months): 64 Hours
  • Unlimited. No Cap.
  • The Match, Full-Time
  • FULL Access to material and live guidance+Mock interviews with DrBrian: NO Additional payment required.
Mission Residency
  • IV Prep Complete*Match Challenge, Save $500
  • $33 per Hour
  • 91+ Hours
  • 50+ Hours
  • 1 Hour
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • 8 Hours/Month (Sept-Jan: 5 months): 40 Hours
  • Unlimited. No Cap.
USMLE Sarthi
  • 'Platinum'
  • $40 per Hour
  • 64+ Hours
  • 50+ Hours
  • 1 hr initial, +30 minutes w/ Pawan Khera as needed
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • 1 Hour/Month (June-Jan = 8 hrs): 8 Hours, no classmates
  • 4 Mock Interviews
  • Part-Time
  • Yes & No: The "Sarthi Guarantee" allow student to continue using resources (videos, material) & talk to Pawan, BUT requires ADDITIONAL PAYMENT for Mock Interview...mentorship is no longer 1hr a month, but on a 'AS NEEDED' Basis.
  • 'Residency Interview Plus'
  • $700 per Hour
  • 3 Hours
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • Not Specified on Website
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • 3 Mock Interviews
  • Residency Interview Preparation'
  • $799 per Hour
  • 1 Hour
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • Not Specified on Website
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • Zero. Not Included.
  • 1 Mock Interview