Emergency Prep

Newly Added! : Rescue Interview Prep

This course is designed for docs with last-minute interviews or that have struggled through earlier interviews & need to nail whatever interviews are left.  You’ll work 1-on-1 DIRECTLY with Dr Brian, with personalized mock interviews, evaluations/analysis, and post-interview de-briefs.  

Highlights of what this session includes:

1-on-1 Personalized Guidance with Dr Brian, Live/Online

3 Mock Interviews + Analysis/Guidance Directly (Avg 2 hrs per Session, total of 6 hours)

Access to On Demand 2 Days of High Yield Foundation Classes to master Interview & Communication Skills

Access to On-Demand Replays of your Mock Interviews & Evaluations

Pre-Interview Checkups for EVERY SINGLE ONE of your interviews

Investment/Tuition: $1499


Live Mock IV’sLive Mock IV’s

Live Mock IV’s LivDY

I don't think I need the course because I know a lot of residents and physicians who can help me with interview practice because they are "experienced".
This is exactly what I thought when I was applying for the match, and then I realized, the "experienced" people can only help you with what worked out for them in one shot. Dr B knows exactly what happened at the interviews with each of his students, basically lives through the whole interview day so he exactly knows where a personality like me is prone to make mistakes and we figure out how we can avoid making the same mistakes.

I hope my review helps future students, I cannot predict my future, but I definitely feel more way more confident this year and I know for sure it would work out for me.

Dr Sara Habib
Neurology, University Of Oklahoma
Dr Suzie Tan
Maricopa Hospital