Dr Brian Mark B, Director: Academics & Advising, Lead Lecturer

Dr Brian teaches for www.MissionResidency.  While born & raised in NJ as a US Citizen, he’s an IMG himself, completing his medical school training in the Philippines in the early 2000’s.  Mission Residency is foundation is built on the mistakes (some small, some HUGE) that he made along they way . . .with the hope of helping the next generation of doctors do the right thing for them and their families. 

“We don’t judge our students on mistakes of the past.  I care about who that person is today.   As long as they’ve learned from them to be a better version of themselves today, that’s how I measure potential.  Growth Matters.” ~ Dr Brian

Mission Residency is built on the idea that our students our never perfect because we aren’t perfect.  Everyone deserves the right to share their story.  Judging someone without giving them a chance . . . that’s not the type of student we’re looking to help get into the hospital, because that type of thinking kills.  It’s the opened minded doctors that believe that failure is part of learning & that communication skills save lives.  That’s what we teach, because that’s what patients need.